Price prediction after AIzen listing

I summarized the market image after the listing heard from the developer.

※ It is an image to the last. Actually this street does not move

Immediately after listing

Immediately after listing, it is easy to concentrate on buying as it seems that information flows as new currency at exchanges, etc. as a new listing currency.

Since the price range of ICO will be 2 to 5 yen, it is said that the price expectation after listing aims for about 10 yen.

intensive selling after the rise

Since there will be many people who want to cash out by rising just after listing, it can be anticipated that a large amount of selling will come out.

In the case of listing from ordinary ICO, selling is linked to selling, it is like a panic selling situation, and it is said that it often decreases prices considerably.

Eisen can also easily predict this, and developers also anticipated it.

It is said that he will carry out the purchase support where he lowered the price by about 30%. (The top person in development asked)

It is funds to buy, but it uses funds raised by ICO.

It is said that we aim to chart Yoko Yoko as a price by buying it.

After purchase

It is aiming for a flat market as a market image while buying it.

And in this price, we will announce the first practical application and announce the contract with the MasterCard’s primary agent (Issua).

After the announcement of practical application of past successful currencies, it seems that there are many times that the price has increased greatly.

It is no doubt that Eisen will have a considerable impact on the market at this practical announcement.

After practical application announcement

We will announce the contract with other companies on a regular basis after the first practical application announcement.

Currently, there are three announcements of the contract alliance heard at briefing sessions and others, but there are also some other information that is kept confidential. I asked developers directly, so I think that it is a mistake.

Because there is a high possibility of making a presentation at surprises, etc. If such an announcement keeps on going on, the price will be further rising from expectation.

By repeating this announcement like this, I was aiming for 1 $ (105 yen).



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