What is AIzen (coin)

AIzen Coin Overview

· Project started in November 2017

· Coin unit name is “XAZ”

· Up to 50 billion XAZ issuance

· Presales 20 billion XAZ

· Ethernet basis currency

· Currently in pre-sale, ICO to 2019/3, list on 2019/5 → Road map / price

· Founder is a Japanese (FX system management business, professionally related to market and marketing)


· I have already finished alliance with some companies 

The number of affiliated companies will increase in the future

 ・Listing has already been confirmed at three locations (USA, Hong Kong, Singapore)


 ・Development of coins themselves has been completed(Pre-sale, ICO financing is not for development purposes)   → Futures of AIzen

· We have left the extension of development (I will extend it from time to time)

Currently available in 3 languages (Japanese, English, Korean)


· Purchase will be full introduction

· You can purchase even from this site → Purchase method

· Since it is unusual for ICO, it can be purchased in Japanese yen, virtual beginner is easy to purchase



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