About selling at a special rate during the interval period


It will be the new arrival information delivered to AIzen purchaser

Now, in the AIzen Project it is the interval period for 3rd PRESALE.
However, after 2nd PRESALE, many users requested XAZ purchase
acceptance in the interval period and there were many deposits.

In response to user requests, the AIzen Project decided to continue
purchasing XAZ purchase at a special rate during the interval,
while giving top priority to preparing the 3rd PRESALE originally
scheduled during the interval .

We are sorry for inconveniencing part of the work due to the interval period,
Please understand when you use XAZ purchase.

【Interval Period】

2018/5/16 ~ 2018/5/31 * Japan time

【Interval Period Special Rate】

 1XAZ = 0.4JPY 

※ The rate of the application page will be changed from 12:00 on May
17, 2018/5 / Japan time.


As preparations for 3rd PRESALE become top priority,
we have temporarily suspended our original customer support work and
mail correspondence.
Please understand that correspondence to XAZ reflection and questions
etc. to user My page after payment will be due to the interval period

Depending on the order quantity and the sales situation during the
interval period,
there is a possibility to end sale at a special rate earlier than planned.

※ For users who have donated money from the end of 2nd PRESALE until
this announcement, we will convert with the interval rate special rate
[1XAZ = 0.4JPY].

The sales period and rate after the interval period has ended are as follows.

【3rd PRESALE planned period】
2018/6/1 ~ 2018/9/28 * Japan time

【3rd PRESALE rate】
1 X A Z = 0.5 JPY



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