Notice of change of 3rd PRESALE start time


Dear AIzen user,
Thank you very much for always supporting AIzen.

Regarding 3rd PRESALE scheduled from June 1, 2018,
In order to update by adding new functions, we will change the start period of 3rd PRESALE.

Because it was announced just before the 3rd PRESALE, we will inconvenience users
but we understand that it will be a very important partnering service to provide better service and
advance the AIzen Project in the future Thank you.

we are confident that the introduction of partner service under preparation
will be a tool for making existing users and future AIzen Prjects a big leap forward.

We plan to announce the transfer of the wallet to the XAZ holder sequentially
by e-mail during the period of 2018/6/6 ~ 6/20.

The schedule to be changed according to this case is as follows.

【Scheduled interval】

2018/5/16 ~ 2018/6/19 * Japan time

【Interval Period Rate】

 1XAZ = 0.4JPY 

【3rd PRESALE planned period】

2018/6/20 〜 2018/9/28* Japan time

【3rd PRESALE rate】

 1XAZ = 0.5JPY 

Regarding the start time of 3rd PRESALE, we will announce again if there is any change



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