Partnering with Smart Contract lottery management company

Smart Contract Lottery is a lottery that uses technology called Smart Contract of the company.

By using this technology, there is impartiality to participants, no labor costs are required, so a high return rate is realized.

AIzen has already contracted with the overseas lottery management company.

* Even if the contract is abandoned, it seems that we have set a penalty charge enough to acquire this lottery company

And this Smart Contract Lottery, it seems that AIzen will be the base currency.

In other words, even if payment is made with other coins, we convert it once into an AIzen and issue a buy order, resulting in an increase in demand for AIzen distribution.

If you can connect even to the Internet you can purchase lottery tickets in all regions of the world so it is said that the virtual currency market, which is said to be all 20 trillion yen worldwide, is the market.



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