About AIzen wallet and partnership with development company

Special currency-ready wallet

It becomes wallet for four currencies below.

Also, it’s very convenient to exchange currencies within Wallet





Companies developing Wallet

The company developing this wallet is a Silicon Valley FinTech company and is among the top 10 enterprises in this industry.It will be a very famous company worldwide.

It is said that Aisen has signed a contract for joint development with such a company. (Reverse offering)

In other words, since it will be released that AIzen Wallet was developed from well-known companies worldwide,There is no doubt that AIzen’s attention will rise from all over the world.

It is a company that is developing Enterprise Wallet, it is a company with a number of second and third place in the Enterprise Wallet. I will let you know once the company name is known.

In order to use Wallet

Because it is a major wallet for currencies, you will want to use it even if you do not have an AIzen.

In order to use this wallet,I can not use it unless I own AIzen coin.

In other words, Wallet, which is released from a global company, can not be used unless it has AIzen Coin.

It is inevitable that the distribution of AIzen coin increases.

Even with this story, I think that it is possible to predict that the demand for Eisen is going to rise explosively.



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